SURGIVERSE Education is for training purposes only and is not a medical device. Not usable for medical purposes.

True mastery stems from practice. Immersion in the surgical environment as early as possible is the best way to learn, but no surgical gesture should ever been performed for the first time on a patient.

Welcome to SURGIVERSE Education, an innovative collaborative software suite revolutionizing the way caregivers are trained to enhance their skills. Gain exclusive access conveniently available online to learn how to formulate surgical intervention strategies with precision and expertise.

Step into a groundbreaking realm where your strategies come to life.

Immerse yourself in a holographic digital cockpit under the guidance of remote experts. Here, you’ll not only refine your skills but validate the effectiveness of your strategies firsthand.

This is a transformational experience which is breaking barriers of background, training level, and location. It offers an unparalleled level of accessibility, immersion, and interactivity, ensuring the seamless transfer of skills and knowledge.

Prepare to redefine your training journey. SURGIVERSE Education: where learning meets innovation, regardless of where you are in the world. 


As a teacher, create immersive, interactive training cases for your students to gain a thorough understanding of patient anatomy.

Remote assistance functions allow you to immerse fully in the trainees’ point of view to check their understanding.

Virtual 3D reconstruction as a customisable hologram with labels and measurements for improved guidance during training sessions.

Segmentation and manipulation of different parts of the anatomy, such as bone fragments for fracture reducation. 

Live broadcasting for up to 60 spectators and recording allowing real-time interaction from the amphitheater to a first-person view of a cadaver surgery or a simulated operation.

Collaboration and centralization of all resources needed to address the case study. An online storage tool dedicated to surgical education.

Welcome to the future of Surgical Education

AI-driven anatomical segmentation

Simultaneous vision sharing

Import 3D volumes (.stl, .obj), CT scan or MRI

Live broadcasting

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SURGIVERSE Education for Remote Learning & Assistance

CAUTION | These surgical trials were performed on cadavers. 


At the 11th SofraSims Congress, SURGIVERSE was emphasized by the Institut Universitaire Locomoteur et du Sport, represented by Marc-Olivier GAUCI, MD, PhD. 

Featuring its advanced technologies, the solution was presented as one of the latest promising innovations in orthopaedic and traumatological surgery.

This event was also an opportunity to highlight the important educational aspect, through collaborative platforms and intraoperative remote assistance.


Highlighted by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medecine, mixed reality based remote surgical education is demonstrating its many learning benefits.

Marc TOMPKINS, MD, has experimented with SURGIVERSE for educational goals. He points out that the teaching surgeon can use mixed reality tools to enable greater hands-on autonomy and help maximize rehearsals while providing comprehensive instruction and maintaining safety and quality for the patient.

"The incentive and qualitative approach offered by SURGIVERSE® Education can be shared with the team at large, and particularly with the youngest, who are still in the ascending phase of their progression curve. [...], the teacher projects and immerses him/herself in the "augmented case" and can thus apprehend it in all its complexity."

Raphaël VIALLE, MD

Head of Orthopedic Pediatric Surgery Department

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Expert in spinal deformities
University Hospital Armand Trousseau, Paris, France

"The remote experience using SURGIVERSE® Education is very exciting. The ability to have a first person point of view from the surgeon's perspective has great educational potential. The addition of having all of the loaded holograms visible in the field of view is also additive content to the educational process."


Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon

Associate Professor

University of Minnesota, USA

"SURGIVERSE® Education elevates the junior surgeon's capability to assess the situation with remarkable accuracy and execute precise actions with unparalleled precision. The platform's effortless sharing of all facets of the medical record doesn't just facilitate discussions – it fosters collaborative excellence with junior surgeons both before and during surgery. [...]"

Marc-Olivier GAUCI, MD, PhD

Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon
President of CAOS-France (Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery)
University Hospital of Nice, France



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